Low Income Energy Assistance

Access energy programs address the immediate needs as well as long term solutions to save money and reduce energy consumption.

Who does it serve?

Energy assistance programs are designed to assist low-income households pay for a portion of their energy costs to alleviate unmanageable utility bills. Various federal, state, and utility grants fund the program.

Our housing and utility assistance programs include:

  • Help for low-income families, veterans, seniors and persons with disabilities
  • One-time payment for eligible households towards winter energy bills for all energy types: electric, natural gas, propane, oil and wood

What does it provide?

Through ACCESS’ Energy Assistance Program, eligible households can receive a one-time payment (typically once per program year) toward their energy bill. This is a fuel blind program and help is available for all energy types; electric, natural gas, propane, oil and wood. There is no requirement to be at risk of disconnection, households just need to be income eligible.

Do you qualify?

This program is an equal opportunity program and applicants are protected against discrimination on the grounds of age, race, color, sex, religion, primary language, handicap, or national origin in determining the eligibility.

Assistance with utility bills is based on the availability of funding and to qualify for assistance you must meet following the household Income Eligibility Guidelines

To check on the availability of funding or to schedule an appointment please call 779-9020.

Qualification Guidelines

Income Eligibility Guidelines