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Housing and Rental

ACCESS is dedicated to providing Jackson County residents with safe, affordable places to live.

We own or have developed more than 200 units of affordable housing and are currently managing many of these units. We offer several types of assistance to qualified individuals and families.

Who does it serve?

Some of our programs help low-income families with rent payments, security deposits or other expenses. We also may help with security deposits or first month’s rent.

As a certified HUD counseling agency we offer guidance and assistance to people who need help with their housing situation. This may include counseling before purchase, the creation of a matched savings account for eligible buyers or financial assistance.

What does it provide?

Our housing programs include:

  • Rental Assistance for low-income households, veterans, seniors and persons with disabilities to prevent eviction and homelessness. Includes security deposit assistance, short-term rent payment assistance, and various rental housing costs dependent on current funding sources.
  • Certified HUD Counseling that gives guidance and assistance. This may include matched savings accounts to build financial resources, an education class before home purchase, first-time buyer’s assistance, foreclosure intervention, and reverse mortgage counseling for seniors.
  • Since 1992, ACCESS has designed, funded and built over 200 units of quality affordable housing.

What are the qualification requirements?

Clients are referred by outside agencies using a referral form with basic client information including need. Individuals requesting support should prepare for an intake meeting by having identification, social security number and proof of income. Clients will also sign a Release of Information to allow referring agency and ACCESS to communicate.

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Rental Assistance

ACCESS administers several programs designed to help low-income families maintain or transition into permanent housing. Eligible families receive help with rent, security deposits, move-in costs and other expenses. For more information, please call 541-779-6691.

Deposit Assistance

For people who qualify as low-income and who need help making payments for refundable deposits and first month’s rent in order to obtain affordable housing. For more information, please call Deposit & Eviction hotline at 541-779-6691.

Homeownership & Related Services

ACCESS is a certified HUD Housing Counseling Agency (since 1991) and offers counseling, guidance and assistance to people who need help with their housing situation.

Programs Include:

Individual Development Accounts (Dream$avers)

Matched savings accounts help eligible consumers build financial resources. Funds can be used for higher education, small business start-up or expansion, or purchasing a home.  These no-fee savings account (IDA’s) help lower income families save money and improve lives. Check the PDF information and applications for details.

Pre-Purchase Education

Home Buyers Assistance Programs:

Help for first-time home buyers with education, counseling, and down payment assistance programs. ACCESS offers two options for Homebuyer education to provide information on the process of buying a home and becoming “mortgage ready.” Realize the American Dream (RAD) classes, which are live in-person classes, and eHome America classes, which are online classes.

Welcome Home Program For Military Veteran First Time Home Buyers

RVAR / OAR HOME Foundation First Time Buyer Assistance Program

Other counseling services include pre/post purchase information, foreclosure intervention, & loss mitigation.

Mortgage Payment Assistance:

We administer the Oregon Homeowner Stabilization Initiative (OHSI) program for Jackson and Josephine Counties. This program assists households who are struggling to pay their mortgage, behind on property taxes, or facing default.

Financial Education:

We offer an online money management course through eHome America to help you reach your financial goals.

eHome Money Flyer

Ready to Rent:

Housing readiness curriculum for renters facing difficulties finding housing. It is a six week class offered by licensed agencies like ACCESS and certified instructors to help renters with barriers such as poor credit, poor rental history, criminal history, or no rental history at all. Using the empowering information and skills building materials, graduates have successfully found rental housing.

Affordable Housing

As the Community Action Agency for Jackson County, we have been assisting Jackson County residents who are working toward self-sufficiency with food warmth and shelter for more than 45 years, specifically helping with housing and rental programs since 1992.

We own or have developed more than 200 units of affordable housing for individuals, families, seniors and people with disabilities. Each complex is unique unto itself, but all are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, durable, low maintenance, cost and energy efficient. We currently manage many of these units.

Applications and photos are available on-line and available for review.

In addition to our own portfolio of affordable housing, we maintain a complete listing of all affordable housing available in Jackson and Josephine Counties.

This list is available here for your use and convenience.