Limited English Proficiency Plan

Limited English Proficiency Plan

Signed on August 11, 2000, Executive Order 13166 clarified Limited English Proficiency requirements under Title VI of the civil rights act of 1964. The Executive Order mandated that persons whose primary language is not English and those who have a limited ability to speak, read, write, or understand English are entitled to language assistance with respect to a particular service, benefit, or encounter. All recipients of HUD assistance are expected to make reasonable efforts to provide this language assistance.

To promote diversity ACCESS offers a wage differential to bilingual (Spanish/English speaking) employees. This is helpful in effectively communicating with and assisting the Hispanic population within Jackson County. ACCESS provides all staff members with an internal listing of those who are fluent in Spanish and/or other languages.
ACCESS also uses a language service to accommodate applicants having limited English proficiency, which supports 250 languages (see below).

Instructions for Language Line Personal Interpreter Service
• To connect to an interpreter, dial 1(888)808-900, or +18312428841, if calling from outside North America
• At the prompt, enter your eight (8) digit pin #: 35496085
• Speak the name of the desired language (e.g. Spanish)
• If the language you requested is correct, press #1
• An interpreter will be connected, tell them what you want to accomplish and give them any special instructions
• Provide the number if you need to have the interpreter place an international or domestic call

Lastly, ACCESS partners with Southern Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Center for those who are hearing impaired and are able to utilize ASL interpreters. We also locate interpreters via the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf: https://myaccount.rid.org/Public/Search/Member.aspx.

Limited English Proficiency Plan