Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Our team is here to assist you. Below you will find a staff directory. If you need assistance we encourage you to call our office at 541-779-6691 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

First NameLast NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
ShannonA.PM HOC Supervisor 541-618-4008 Send Email
ChrisB.Food Bank Supervisor 541-774-4321 Send Email
LoganB.Development Coordinator541-774-4312Send Email
(Empty)Program Supervisor SSVF 541-494-1212Send Email
RoseR.Energy Programs Supervisor541-618-4018Send Email
ScottL.Interim Co-Executive Director & Finance Manager541-779-6691, ext. 350 Send Email
LuisS.Marketing & Brand Strategist 541-774-4319 Send Email
Chris K.Volunteer & Medical Equipment Loans Specialist 541-774-4315Send Email
CarleaL.Interim Co-Executive Director & Operations Director541-618-4010Send Email
HeatherM.Development Specialist 541-774-4323 Send Email
Melanie.D.Support Services Director541-779-6691, Ext. 328 Send Email
KellieB.Development Director 541-690-3974Send Email
Joe V.Housing Director 541-618-4017 Send Email
DonY.Eligibility Specialist II 541-779-6691, Ext. 373Send Email
MarceeC.Food Programs Director541-779-6691, Ext. 320Send Email
AlainaS.Human Resources Specialist 541-618-4003 Send Email