Rental Assistance

Covid-19 Related Rental Assistance

Pre-Screening Form

As of November 18, 2020 we will not be accepting further applications for the COVID Rent Relief program. With the people that have submitted applications we will be able to exhaust the funds
For those of you who applied on or before November 18, 2020, applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is expended. If approved, you will receive assistance.
We still encourage you to call as our team may be able to find other solutions to help you during these difficult times. We also provide food assistance, energy assistance, Veteran assistance, and a multitude of other services.

COVID Rent Relief Information

  • Do I qualify?
    • If you live in Jackson County AND
    • If you lost a job or income due to COVID-19 OR
    • If you have a compromised health status / elevated risk of infection / vulnerability preventing you from regaining financial stability as a result of COVID-19


  • The income limit is 80% Area Median Income per county (income before taxes):



















36,500 41,700 46,900 52,100 56,300 60,450 64,650 68,800


We need to have you add these things to your application:

  • Last 30 days of all income from all household members over 18
  • Contact info for your landlord/property management company
    • As soon as we have these things, we will see if we can help you


  • If we can help, we will need these things from you, if you have them or can get them:
    • Proof / Denial of Unemployment -OR- proof that you’ve applied for Unemployment
      • If you cannot get unemployment, that will not disqualify you
    • Letter / Email / Text from employer showing your lay off, furlough status or drop in hours
    • Rental / Lease / Roommate Agreement – can be informal
  • If you cannot get any of the things above, please apply anyway! We may still be able to help


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I owe a lot of back rent?
    • We can help with rent owed as far back as March 2020
  • What if I already signed a payment agreement with my landlord/property manager?
    • We can pay off that agreement as long as the amount doesn’t go back farther than March 2020
  • What if I managed to pay my rent before but can’t pay it now?
    • We can help with future rent payments; these funds end on 12/30/2020
  • What if I need help with RV Park space rent?
    • We can help with that also; these funds end on 12/30/2020