Close of RFP March 29, 2020


ACCESS is a local non-profit organization established in 1976 as a non-profit corporation to develop and administer programs and services designed to assist low-income residents and senior citizens in Jackson County Oregon. The Executive Director is responsible for continuing the vision and leadership of an organization with approximately 80 employees and a budget of over $18 million in grants and private donations.

ACCESS is seeking an experienced Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for effectively leading ACCESS as well as overseeing all financial and operational aspects of the agency. Reporting directly to the Executive Director are 6 key executive roles including the Nutrition Director, Housing Director, Support Services Director, Finance Director, Operations Director, and Development Director. The ACCESS Executive Director serves as the public face and voice of the agency and plays a leading role in building and maintaining collaborative relationships with the social service community as well as communicating the mission of ACCESS and building support for ACCESS with the business community and the public. Working in concert with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director plays a key role in helping to define strategic opportunities and a shared vision for the future of this effective and successful agency.

To read the full RFP: 1.Executive Director Search RFP

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