REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Contractor Services for Direct Installation of a Ductless Heat Pump System

ACCESS, located at 3630 Aviation Way in Medford, is soliciting bids/proposals from Contractors to execute the installation of a ductless heat pump system in one of its properties located on Summit Avenue in Medford.
Due to COVID-19, we are requesting the submission of a bid without an onsite visit.

The property located on Summit Avenue is a 5-bedroom, two-story house. The total square footage is 2,281. The contractor proposal must include the installation of a ductless heat pump system with four (4) heads serving the four (4) upstairs bedrooms. Proposal must include all permits, installation, repairs, inspections, and a minimum of a 1-year material and workmanship guarantee. In addition, the contractor must also provide all labor, necessary materials, tools, supplies, equipment and supervision for the prep, removal and installation of the HVAC system. Contractor shall be responsible for the security of his or her own equipment and materials.
All clean up shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations. Contractor shall remove paint where spilled, splashed, splattered or sprayed as work progresses, using means and materials that are not detrimental to affected surfaces. Contractor shall, at all times, keep the site free from accumulation of waste materials, debris or rubbish caused by his or her employees at work. Contractor shall remove from the site all tools, surplus materials, debris or rubbish and shall leave the site and the work in a neat and orderly fashion at the completion of the work. Contractor may not utilize on-site office trash cans.


See full RFP Here: RFP DUCTLESS HEAT PUMP 9.17.2020

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