Energy Education Program

The Energy Education Program

The Energy Education Program is designed to aid clients interested in receiving weatherization assistance in identifying and applying behavioral and structural changes that will reduce energy consumption in their households. This is accomplished in a 90-minute workshop that provides attendees a basic knowledge of thermal dynamics and home energy usage, as well as dramatic examples of the benefits of energy conservation.

To encourage the practical application of these lessons each household will receive an energy conservation kit. In addition, clients who are physically unable to attend the workshop will receive an in-home version of the presentation in addition to the conservation kit.

The conservation kit consists of items such as: a water-saving shower head, energy efficient light bulbs, kitchen and bath faucet aerators, foam light switch and outlet sealers, a refrigerator thermometer, a surge protector power strip and an LED nightlight. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible on wise energy usage practices, leading to more manageable energy bills, increased disposable income, and greater self-sufficiency.

For workshops times, dates, or other information regarding the Energy Education Program, please call 779-6691.