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Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance

Providing Services to Help wth Heating and Cooling Costs

No matter what time of year, energy costs can be high. ACCESS Energy and Weatherization programs help address immediate needs as well assistance with long term solutions to save energy and reduce energy consumption.

You Can Now Book Your Energy Assistance Appointment Online

Ahora puede reservar su cita de asistencia de energia en línea

Important info to know before you book:

You must upload all necessary documents to book your appointment online.

Additional documents you might need to book an appointment online are…


Documents that can be filled out electronically

Declaration of Household Income (DHI) will be needed if you claim no income, perform odd jobs, or receive personal checks or cash.

Self-Employment Work Sheet (SEWS) will be needed if you are self-employed.

Child Support Documents will be needed if you are receiving child support.

Employment Verification Form (EVF) will be needed If you started or ended a job last month.


Documents that must be printed out, filled out, signed, and submitted

Landlord Letter will be needed if you pay utilities to your landlord.

W-9 Form is needed if you pay your landlord for utilities – your primary energy type is wood/pellets – heating oil from a non-ACCESS vendor.

Información importante para saber antes de hacer su cita:

Debe cargar todos los documentos necesarios para reservar su cita en línea.

Los documentos adicionales que puede necesitar para reservar una cita en línea son …


Documentos que se pueden completar electrónicamente

Se necesitará una Declaración de ingresos del hogar (DHI) si no reclama ingresos, realiza trabajos ocasionales, o recibe cheques personales o recibe dinero en efectivo.

Se necesitará una hoja de trabajo de autoempleo (SEWS) si trabaja por cuenta propia.

Se necesitarán documentos de manutención infantil si está recibiendo manutención infantil.

Se necesitará una Forma de verificación de empleo (EVF) si comenzó o terminó un trabajo el mes pasado.


Documentos que deben imprimirse, completarse, firmarse y enviarse

Se necesitará la Carta del arrendador si paga los servicios públicos a su arrendador.

El Formulario W-9 es necesario si le paga a su arrendador los servicios públicos: su tipo de energía principal es madera / pellets, combustible para calefacción de un proveedor que no es ACCESS.

Access energy programs address the immediate needs as well as long term solutions to save money and reduce energy consumption.

Who does it serve?

Energy assistance programs are designed to assist low-income households pay for a portion of their energy costs to alleviate unmanageable utility bills. Various federal, state and utility grants fund the program.

Our housing and utility assistance programs include:

  • Help for low-income families, veterans, seniors and persons with disabilities
  • One-time payment for eligible households towards winter energy bills for all energy types: electric, natural gas, propane, oil and wood

What does it provide?

Through ACCESS’ Energy Assistance Program, eligible households can receive a one-time payment (typically once per program year) toward their energy bill. This is a fuel blind program and help is available for all energy types; electric, natural gas, propane, oil and wood. There is no requirement to be at risk of disconnection, households just need to be income eligible.

Low-Income Heating Assistance

Through ACCESS energy Assistance Programs, eligible households can receive a one-time payment toward (typically once per program year) their energy bill. This is a fuel blind program and help is available for all energy types; electric, natural gas, propane, oil and wood. There is no requirement to be at risk of disconnection, just need to be income eligible.


Do you qualify?

This program is an equal opportunity program and applicants are protected against discrimination on the grounds of age, race, color, sex, religion, primary language, handicap, or national origin in determining the eligibility.

Assistance with utility bills is based on the availability of funding and to qualify for assistance you must meet following the household Income Eligibility Guidelines

To check on the availability of funding or to schedule an appointment please call 541-779-9020.

Qualification Guidelines

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Other Resources

Energy Education

The Energy Education Program provides valuable tips and efficiency products to help make your home more efficient. People can attend one of our conservation workshops to learn simple cost-effective ways to lower household energy use and utility costs. This is a hands-on workshop and all eligible attendees receive a personal conservation “start-up” kit upon completion.

Low-Income Weatherization Program


Eligible residents can apply to have their home weatherized at no cost. Each year approximately 400 households are served.

Once an applicant from the waiting list is contacted, an energy audit is performed to determine the best weatherizing measures based on the existing condition of the home and the funds available.

Types of services provided may include ceiling, wall and floor insulation; energy-related minor home repairs; infiltration reduction; heating duct improvements; and energy conservation education.

To learn more about one of our programs please click on link below or call 541-779-6691

Weatherization Program


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