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Center for Community Resilience Landlord Information

Center for Community Resilience Landlord Information

Information for landlords wanting to help recovery efforts for the Almeda and Obenchain wildfires in Southern Oregon.

The CCR is in need of private landlords and property management companies to help fire-impacted households recover from the 2020 wildfire disasters by helping provide safe, long-term housing solutions. Landlords partnering with the Center for Community Resilience (CCR) are eligible for valuable incentives for housing wildfire-impacted families.

In order to fulfill our mission, ACCESS is seeking to partner with landlords to place fire-impacted households in long-term housing solutions. Partnering with ACCESS is beneficial for everyone: landlords are provided with valuable incentives that provide stability during the tenancy and those recovering from the disaster are able to find safe and stable housing.

Incentives may include:

  • Tenant education program
  • Security payment assistance
  • Renter’s insurance provided to tenants
  • Housing stability case management and counseling
  • Timely rent payments
  • Landlord support from CCR staff

With the combination of housing stability case management, landlord incentives, and flexible funds, our method is proven to increase cost savings for landlords and property managers.

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ACCESS is committed to both tenant and landlord success.

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Are you a 2020 wildfire affected household looking for more information about the Center for Community Resilience?

The Center for Community Resilience (CCR) is an ACCESS program designed to provide recovery services to those impacted by the 2020 wildfire disasters in Southern Oregon.

Our mission is to transition fire survivors from living in hotels or other precarious housing to more stable and suitable permanent (or interim) housing options. There are several landlord incentives and opportunities to partner with ACCESS to create stable housing solutions for fire survivors.

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